Textil Quartier

Level of detail:
3D view of a duplex apartment

A special kind of construction project

The Textil-Quartier is a major construction project on an old industrial site in Cologne that is being completely redesigned. It consists of a combination of renovation of old industrial buildings and new construction. In the old industrial buildings, apartments are being built which, due to the depth of the building, only have a window front through which daylight can enter.

3D Visualisierung einer Maisonettewohnung

The challenge of daylight: How the quality of living was ensured

To ensure that the new apartments receive sufficient daylight, realistic Light visualizations created. These were carried out at different times of day for different types of apartments. The aim was to check the incidence of light in the apartments and ensure that sufficient daylight could reach the living spaces.

3D Grundriss einer Maisonettewohnung

Realistic lighting visualizations: A modern approach

The light visualizations were based on 3D floor plans, 3D sections and perspective representations per apartment. In this way, project participants were able to create a realistic Take a picture of itWhat daylight will look like in the various rooms of the apartments.

Seitenansicht einer Maisonettewohnung

Project participants decide: How the visualizations influenced further action

Based on the visualizations, project participants were able to determine how to proceed and make decisions. These decisions were very important to ensure that in the flats sufficient daylight is available, which will lead to a better quality of living.

3D Visualisierung einer Maisonettewohnung

Textilviertel: A successful example of combining old and new

The Textilviertel is an exciting construction project that combines the renovation of historic buildings with the construction of new buildings. With the help of realistic lighting visualizations, project participants were able to ensure that the new apartments receive sufficient daylight and thus offer a high quality of life.

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