3D room planner & 3D room configurators from RhineRender

Tool for exceptional set-up results

Flexible, intuitive and completely individual: Enable individual room planning. Be inspired by our references and see for yourself.

3D room configurators for perfectly thought-out room planning

Optimum planning and scope for individual solutions, from furniture to decoration and lighting. With our 3D room planning service, you give your customers unprecedented freedom when putting together their real estate furnishings. We enable you to make your customers' wishes come true.

Reliable and uncomplicated

The 3D room planning service offers the possibility of automated and efficient room planning, implementation and control. Our high-end technology provides a reliable, user-friendly interface.

Enable individuality

Also consider the specific requirements and preferences of your customers. Our 3D room planning service is an elegant tool for the professional implementation of tailor-made spaces and designs that leave nothing to be desired.

Cost-effective and interactive

Our planning tool provides a platform for barrier-free, interactive and resource-saving customer service: Give customers the opportunity to plan and budget independently and avoid the costs of planning mistakes.

Powerful visualization

A powerful 3D visualization tool: Our room planning configurators impress with high-quality aesthetics and precise, expressive representations: Countless, scalable options ranging from furniture placement to subtle coloring and the installation of a wide variety of light sources.

Easy to set up and visualize

Give your customers a professional space planning solution for quick creation of designs and interactive planning. The independent combination is not only convenient and efficient, but also promotes customer satisfaction.

Unlimited flexibility

Personalize rooms and products in real time. Customize colors, materials, furniture, and accessories to find a tailor-made solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations. This allows you to respond effectively to customer requirements and at the same time enjoy your own creative freedom.

Bring Your Visions to Life with RhineRender 3D Rendering: Perfection, Detail, and Realism in Every Project

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3D room planner | room configurator

Indispensable for individual marketing

Our 3D room planners are an efficient tool that allows room and building planning down to the smallest detail. It helps you and your customers to visualize future buildings and interiors, identify potential errors and effectively reduce effort and costs. Room configurators are indispensable tools for planning interior design projects efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively — and provide valuable insights into customer preferences.

Interactive service offering

With our 3D room configurators, we enable both B2B and B2C companies to offer customers a unique and realistic perspective on their offers and products. The interactive presentation promotes target group involvement and service awareness and enables the efficient sale of tailor-made solutions. Don't hesitate to contact us to have a professional and individual room planning tool created for you.

3D room planner | room configurator

We have found a partner who understands and visualizes our approaches

As lighting designers, we are faced with the challenge of communicating the lighting effect of our conceptual considerations in almost every project. With the RhineRender office, we have now found a partner who understands our approaches and visualizes them almost photorealistically, taking into account the physical conditions of light. Based on these presentations, decisions can now also be made together with our clients without time-consuming sampling.

Martin Weiser


... can recommend them without reservation.

... can recommend them without reservation. Working with the RhineRender team was simply brilliant. They have responded to my specific requests and have always taken a lot of time for my requests for changes or suggestions. But they also bring in very good ideas of their own, which I really appreciated. I would like to praise the team and can fully recommend them

Sandra Janke


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3D room configuration: Enable individual interior planning

With our 3D room configurators, you offer your customers an accessible room planning service that allows them to create individual plans and designs for real estate furnishings. Our room configurator is flexible, intuitive and capable of tailor-made room planning, from furniture to decoration and lighting.

The 3D room planning service is an elegant tool for the professional implementation of individual spaces and designs, which can also take into account the specific requirements and special preferences of customers. With the help of professionals Interior visualizations The 3D planning tool offers a platform for barrier-free, interactive and resource-saving customer service and provides customers with an accessible, professional space planning solution. In addition, let yourself be pampered by our Exterior visualizations inspire, top-class architectural visualization

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