3D product configurator, modern product presentation in 360°

Our product configurators, the tools for success

Enable visions to be realized: Present the limitless possibilities of your product. Be inspired by our references and see for yourself.

Product success: Optimized according to customer requirements

User-friendly and versatile: Our product configurator is the ideal tool to increase your conversion rate — and your turnover. Offer your customers all the options they want and present tailor-made product solutions directly. Quick and easy to use: The ideal support from information to configuration.

Customizable options

Tremendous flexibility: Our product configurator offers a wide range of customization options — the right options to implement even individual ideas and specific needs. They have complete control over how their customers configure and order products

Compare and choose

All options - clearly listed: Allow your customers to explore the options, compare all relevant elements - and put them together optimally.

Maximum product success

Let your customers take control - our product configurators enable the direct transfer of selected configurations. The result: products that meet expectations — and a reduction in product returns.

Optimized communication

A valuable tool to expand your reach: Establishing a product configurator enables cost-effective and time-efficient real-time communication and is particularly suitable for digital 3D advertising.

Interactive presentation

Allow your customers to participate: The interactive approach of our configurator and its ease of use strengthens target group involvement and thus product and service awareness - and at the same time enables you to present products and services in an elegant and effective way,

Increase sales

Increase your sales through optimized product presentations and customization options. Impress your end customers cost-effectively and efficiently with professional product configurators.

Bring Your Visions to Life with RhineRender 3D Rendering: Perfection, Detail, and Realism in Every Project

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Product configurator

Flexible planning, individual design

With our product configurators, you enable your customers to put together their own selection of products and purchase them at individual prices. In this way, your customers can be sure that they will receive exactly the product that meets their needs and budget — in the optimal configuration for them.

Indispensable for modern e-commerce marketing

Product configurators enable both B2B and B2C companies to quickly and efficiently create individual products or services according to the specifications of their customers. This leads to an optimization of processes and thus to an increase in sales opportunities. Electronic trading — easier and more efficient than ever before.

Product configurator

The changes were implemented in a flash

Often a new idea of the result... Often a new idea of the result. This was no problem for RhineRender in our construction project. The changes were implemented in a flash and we are more than satisfied. Excellent collaboration!

Tim Klüger

Construction manager, medium-company from Cologne

Super Service

Super Service und ein tolles, kreatives Ergebnis.

Sandra Guhlke

Sandra Guhlke

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Enjoy the benefits of our product configurators

With our product configurators, you enable your customers to individually design and configure products. These product design tools use a 3D rendering system to display modifications in real time and offer a variety of customization options: essential tools of interactive integration and flexible planning for successful e-commerce marketing and optimized communication. The integration of a product configurator has a direct effect on your conversion rate and your turnover reduces the number of product returns due to the sale of tailor-made products.

For the optimal user experience and presentation of your products, we offer you integrated 3D product visualizations ON.Equipped with these high-end displays, our product configurators are particularly suitable for embedding in virtual and augmented reality and for use in high-quality 3D advertisements.

3D Visualisierung eines Tisches