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Augmented reality: see the world through different eyes

AR offers a wide range of applications. Used and implemented correctly, this extension of reality is a practical, unobtrusive asset for a wide variety of companies. Be inspired and learn more about the diverse applications of augmented reality based on our references and work.

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Augmented reality: medium of the future

With augmented reality, you offer your customers and companies more than unique experiences: AR enables you to integrate your brand or products and additional information with the everyday world of customers and prospects. Provide real-time interactivity anytime, anywhere.

Interactive extension

Looking at reality can be so much more: A quick, intuitive experience of information, always available and flexible: Outstanding or subtle, detailed or limited to the bare minimum.

Informative learning

Comprehensibility through consistent reference to reality: AR makes it possible to combine virtual elements with the perception of the environment in real time. Relevant information can be retrieved intuitively and reliably in relevant contexts with unrivalled practical relevance.

Realistic design

Extraordinary functions in the familiar environment - there is hardly a better user interface than the well-known one: Connect with reality. Where the real environment is the setting for applications, there is no need for artificial immersion. Take advantage of this and enrich reality with your content.

cost savings

Take advantage of the efficiency of virtual reality modifications: otherwise expensive and complex processes and functions can be reliably transferred to the software. Accessible at any time in context, AR modifications not only enrich your everyday life — they also reduce your spending.

Diverse areas of application

Augmented reality is a key technology for a whole range of applications: From scientific and medical fields to educational and economic contexts to entertainment, it is already an indispensable tool and significantly cutting-edge support.

Customer service at the highest level

Embed your products or services into the real environment. Better visibility and optimal accessibility combined with the interactive user experience of a VR application. In this way, your VR tool not only enriches the user, but also your range of services with context-specific placements and display options.

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Augmented reality

Revolutionary Perspectives

Augmented reality enables virtual extensions of real environments and objects. It is essential because it enables a realistic experience and intuitive interaction — innovative perspectives and display options that revolutionize every area. Data, environments, and processes like you've never seen before. Whether it's about product presentations, process optimization, project visualizations or entertainment: position your company in a future-oriented way and enrich reality with our AR tools.

Indispensable for modern marketing

Augmented reality enables buyers to experience products realistically and intuitively before they buy them — including all relevant background and information. This presentation method not only deepens customer loyalty, but also strengthens interest and purchase decisions. This is of crucial importance both in the B2B and B2C sectors for the active involvement of users in the sales and marketing process.

Augmented reality

Super Service

Super Service und ein tolles, kreatives Ergebnis.

Sandra Guhlke

Sandra Guhlke

... einfach erstklassig!

Die Zusammenarbeit mit RhineRender GmbH für das Design meiner Website war einfach erstklassig! Das Team hat nicht nur meine Erwartungen übertroffen, sondern auch einen exzellenten Kundenservice geboten. Die Kombination aus kreativem Design und technischer Kompetenz hat zu einer Website geführt, die nicht nur visuell ansprechend ist, sondern auch reibungslos funktioniert. Die Kommunikation war transparent und effizient. RhineRender GmbH hat meine Vision perfekt umgesetzt. Ich kann sie uneingeschränkt empfehlen!

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Reaching the limits of what can be experienced with augmented reality

With our Augmented Realities, we offer your company an innovative opportunity to successfully present and sell your products and services. AR allows you to connect offers and information with the everyday world of your customers and prospects and thus revolutionary, interactive customer interaction. Augmented reality offers a wide range of applications, such as marketing, education or entertainment, interactive extensions, intuitive learning, realistic design and, last but not least, cost savings and customer service at the highest level. AR is a key technology with a wide range of applications in scientific, medical, educational, economic or entertainment contexts. By intertwining virtual elements with the real world, companies can better present their brand, products or information and achieve particularly deep customer and user relationships. AR is a groundbreaking way to enable virtual extensions of real environments and objects and to create revolutionary perspectives for your company.

Augmented Reality in der Architekturbranche