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3D visualization of a kindergarten

Kindergarten real estate project: conversion of a former commercial building

This kindergarten-real estate project includes the conversion of a former commercial building into a nature-oriented day care center.

3D-Visualisierung eines Kindergartens (Außenansicht)

Nature-oriented daycare center: visualizing the future appearance

Die 3D visualization The project was developed to represent the future appearance of the daycare center. The planners' requirements for the design of the outdoor facilities were also taken into account. By using plans and photos, the existing building could be realistically reproduced in 3D.

3D-Visualisierung eines Kindergartens (Außenansicht)

Outdoor area for children: integration of green areas, playgrounds and gardens

One of the main requirements of the project was to have a outdoor area to create a natural environment for children. In order to achieve this, much emphasis was placed on outdoor areas in the visualizations. This was achieved by integrating green spaces, playgrounds and gardens. The daycare center attaches great importance to being close to nature, which is why many trees and plants have been integrated into the visualizations to create a natural environment.

3D-Visualisierung eines Kindergartens (Innenansicht)

Children's interior: creating a nice, cheerful and welcoming atmosphere

The visualizations of the project also include a interior, which illustrates the main features and philosophy of the daycare center. A nice, cheerful and welcoming atmosphere has been created to provide children with a pleasant environment.

Easy communication: Decisive for project management

During the project, a simple communications critical between the 3D visualization team and the customer's project management team to make changes and improvements and ensure that the end result was perfect. For this purpose, a special project management tool was used, which enabled efficient cooperation between the parties involved.

Versatile use of visualizations: marketing channels and approvals

The visualizations were created for various marketing channels as well as used for permits. They helped planners and developers present the project to their customers and other interested parties. They also helped to apply for permits and to work with the relevant authorities.

Successful project: Show the potential of 3D visualizations for real estate projects

Overall, the project was a huge success, showing the potential of effective 3D visualization for planning and developing real estate projects. The close cooperation between the parties involved and the use of modern technologies and tools have contributed to a high-quality end result.

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