Green pavilion

Level of detail:
3D visualized green pavilion

The pavilion with a bioactive pitched roof: An innovative 3D architectural visualization

We at RhineRender In this project, we have a 3DArchitectural visualization created a pavilion with a bioactive green pitched roof. The aim of the project was a realistic representation of natural elements such as plants, mosses and grasses on the roof of the pavilion with catering.

Natural presentation: The careful implementation of plants, moss and grasses

Particular attention was paid to depicting puddles on the asphalt to create a contrast between nature and the city. The result is a pavilion that looks like a green, relaxing island in an urban environment.

Contrast as a design element: puddles on asphalt and the connection between nature and the city

The visualization was created using cutting-edge 3D software and technologies. Details and textures of the plants and the asphalt pavement were carefully worked out to achieve the most realistic presentation possible.

Atmospheric lighting design: The aesthetics of the pavilion and its surroundings accentuate

The use of lighting effects created a harmonious atmosphere that underlines the beauty of the pavilion and its surroundings. The size of the pavilion was chosen so that it stands out in the urban environment without dominating.

3D Visualisierter Begrünter Pavilion

Versatile use: Perfect for real estate presentation and marketing campaigns

The architectural visualization of the pavilion with its bioactive, green pointed roof is ideal for presenting real estate projects or for use in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Rhinerender's expertise: customer satisfaction and quality in the 3D visualization sector

With this project, RhineRender has proven that they are able to create complex 3D visualizations at the highest level while meeting the wishes and requirements of their customers.

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