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Level of detail:
Workplace graphics office

Poetry of spaces

The “Design Office” project shows the redesign of an IT and graphics company that requires a modern and creative working environment, which we have rendered with great attention to detail.

Grafikbüro Schreibtisch

Lovely details in virtual space

In doing so, we have our knowledge and many years of experience in 3D visualization of interiors used and paid attention to every detail. From the office supplies on the desk to the power outlets and coffee cups on the conference table, we've strived to achieve a particularly realistic result.

Grafikbüro Meeting Raum

Realize customer dreams

In this project, we first looked at the customer's needs in order to develop a design concept that met their requirements. After understanding the client's needs, we started modelling the office and conference rooms.

Grafikbüro Meeting Raum

Light shows and atmosphere

By using advanced 3D software and tools, we were able to design the model in detail and add textures and materials to achieve a realistic look. We also considered various light sources and shadows to create an atmospheric atmosphere.

Grafikbüro Arbeitsplatz

Panoramic view of creative worlds

After modeling and texturing, we focused on rendering the model. We used various camera settings to provide a panoramic view of the office and conference rooms and to give an idea of what the office would look like in reality.

Planning as a visual journey

This project shows how important it is to consider every detail to create a realistic 3D model. Visualizing the office enables the customer to get a better picture of their future working environment and supports the planning process in designing the interiors.

Grafikbüro Arbeitsplatz

Visions brought to life

Overall, the “Design Office” project is an example of our team's expertise in 3D visualization of interiors. We are proud to help our customers create realistic and impressive models that bring their visions to life.

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