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Drone image with 3D visualization of the real estate project

Bernwardshof: The vision of a harmonious future

The visualized by us real estate project “Bernwardshof” comprises the revitalization of an existing building and the conversion of another existing building as well as the construction of a new building on the property. The aim of the project is to create high-quality living space that meets the needs of different generations. To present and market the project, a 3D visualization created.

Closeness to nature in a virtual presentation

The visualization shows the planned changes to the existing buildings and the new building in the overall ensemble. Particular emphasis was placed on highlighting the existing nature in the pictures. For example, plants and trees were integrated into the visualizations to create a natural atmosphere.

Pictures tell stories: marketing and presentation magic

The images were used for various marketing channels to present the project to potential prospects. The images were also used when presenting the project in front of the city to give those involved a better idea of the planned changes.

Seamless fusion: A 3D dream comes true

It was particularly important to the client that the 3D model fits deceptively into the existing development. For this purpose, a drone image of the terrain was used, which was converted into the 3D model integrates was. In this way, a realistic presentation was created that was indistinguishable from the actual buildings.

Conclusion: The transformative power of 3D visualization

Overall, the 3D visualization of the “Bernwardshof” was an important tool for marketing and presenting the project. Through the realistic presentation, interested parties and participants were able to get an accurate picture of the planned changes.

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