Virtual photo shoot with 3D lookalikes

Level of detail:
Product visualization of an armchair in the living room

We, RhineRender GmbH are proud to present you our latest project, where we focused on visualizing chairs. With our innovative technology and expertise, we have succeeded in presenting chairs in various environments and scenarios and creating a realistic experience.

Produktvisualisierung eines Sessels im Wohnzimmer

Project description

For our project, we visualized chairs from different angles and presented them in different scenarios. We tried to place the chairs in real environments to inspire viewers and give them a clear idea of what they might look like in a room. We also have various lighting scenarios tried out to show how the chairs behave under different lighting conditions.

Produktvisualisierung eines Sessels im Wohnzimmer


Our work can be used for various purposes, such as promotional material, catalogs, websites, or even virtual showrooms and VR experiences. The options are endless and we look forward to working with our customers and helping them present their products in the best way possible.

Produktvisualisierung eines Sessels in weiß

Save costs

Our project shows that Product visualization is an excellent way to present products in all their glory and to show off their functions and properties. Through our work, our customers can avoid expensive photo shoots and still create high-quality advertising materials and product images. The possibilities are endless and product visualization can be used for all types of products, from furniture to electronics to clothing.

Benefits of 3D visualization

In addition to product visualization, RhineRender also offers high-quality 3D visualizations on. With our technologies, we can create complex models and scenes and give our customers the freedom to present their products in various environments. We can create realistic lighting effects and shadows to create an immersive experience that captivates audiences. Our 3D visualization is also a great way to take customers and investors on virtual tours of the product or prototype.

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