Sofa to relax

Level of detail:
3D visualization of a red upholstered sofa

A sofa to dream about: 3D visualization

In this project, we a comfortable and spacious sofa in 3D visualized. It was important to represent the velvety fabric of the sofa in a natural and comfortable way to create a realistic image for potential customers.

Graues Polstersofa

A sea of colors: The diversity of sofas

We have rendered different colors for the sofa to suit the customer of our clients to offer a wide selection and ensure that they find their favorite color.

Blaues Polstersofa

The art of reality: detailed modelling

To create the 3D visualization of the sofa, we used various techniques and tools. We have on a special detailed modeling taken care to ensure that the sofa looks realistic and appealing. We have also tried to accurately reproduce the sofa's materials and textures to achieve the best possible result.

Rotes Polstersofa

The game of light: using lighting effects

We also used lighting effects to simulate the different colors of the sofa in different environments to ensure that our client's customers get an accurate picture of what the sofa might look like in their own home.

Graues Polstersofa

A picture is worth a thousand words: The goal of 3D visualization

Our aim was to provide a high-quality 3D visualization of the sofa that gives our customer's customers a realistic picture of their future upholstered furniture. We believe we've achieved this goal and are proud that we've helped potential customers make an informed decision about their new sofa.

Blaues Polstersofa

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