Outdoor catering on a marketplace

Level of detail:
3D visualization of a catering pavilion on a marketplace


In this project, we visualized a snack pavilion on the market square of a small town in 3D for a customer. The aim was to give customers the opportunity to convince the city that their snack would make the bare square and thus the city center friendlier, more lively and inviting. By implementing the architecture in a photo of the market, we achieved a convincing result.
With our 3D visualization services at RhineRender, we help our customers realize their visions and designs. With cutting-edge technology and many years of experience, we create realistic and impressive visualizations that potential present a project and convince customers, investors and other stakeholders.

3D-Visualisierung eines Gastronomie Pavillon auf eine Marktplatz

Implementation into real images

An important aspect of 3D visualization is the ability to embed architecture into real environments. By using photos of the real environment, we can visualize the architecture and make it appear realistic. This was the case with the catering pavilion project in the small town, where we inserted the building into a photo of the market square.

3D-Visualisierung eines Gastronomie Pavillon auf eine Marktplatz

Revive inner cities

The revitalization of inner cities, particularly smaller cities, is a current issue, and our 3D visualizations can contribute to this. The aim of this project for a catering pavilion in a small town was to make the square friendlier, more lively and more inviting. By visualizing the architecture we were able to illustrate the customer's vision and help convince the city that the project would have the desired effect.

3D-Visualisierung eines Gastronomie Pavillon auf eine Marktplatz

Convincing visualizations

With RhineRender we create visualizations that are convincing and impress potential customers or investors. Our 3D visualizations show not only the potential of a project, but also its feasibility and aesthetics. We work closely with our customers to understand their visions and implement them in our visualizations.

3D-Visualisierung eines Gastronomie Pavillon auf eine Marktplatz

Benefits of Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualizations offer a number of benefits:

  • Better decision making: Architectural visualizations can help customers make decisions by giving a realistic idea of what a project will look like.
  • cost efficiency: Architectural visualizations can help reduce costs by identifying problems and challenges early on that could prove costly later on.
  • Increasing efficiency: By using 3D visualizations, architects and designers can work faster and more efficiently, as images and views can be created much faster and more realistically

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