Cubar e-cigarette

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3D visualization of the Cubar e-cigarette

Elegant visions of steam

Cubar is a new e-cigarette that we were able to visualize. The 3D visualization enabled the company to better prepare the product before it was launched on the market and to optimize advertising measures.

3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar

The illusion of perfection: 3D advertising

Through the use of 3D visualizations advertising graphics can be created faster and more cost-effectively than through photo shoots. There are also many other design options. These advantages also convinced customer Cubar, who commissioned RhineRender to visualize their e-cigarette in 3D and create the design for advertising displays, packaging and posters.

3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar am Strand

Colourful flavours in harmony

The RhineRender team adapted the colors to the various flavors in order to adapt the appearance of the e-cigarette to the variety of products. The result was a realistic 3D visualization of the e-cigarette, which presented the product optimally and helped Cubar's customers improve their marketing strategy.

3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar Helsinki Ice

Observations in space: diversity of perspectives

The 3D visualization enabled the company to view the product from different angles and to plan packaging and advertising displays in advance. Changes and improvements to the design could be made quickly and cost-effectively.

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3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar im Aufbau

The magical combination of aesthetics and technology

The 3D visualization of products is an important step in product development and marketing, as it gives the customer a realistic idea of what the product will look like. It also helps solve design problems in advance and optimize marketing strategy.

3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar am Strand

The Triumph of Joint Creation

Overall, the project was a great success for RhineRender and Cubar. The RhineRender team was able to realistically visualize the product and implement a successful marketing strategy. The 3D visualization of the e-cigarette enabled Cubar to stand out from the competition and successfully bring the product to market.

3D-Visualisierung der E-Zigarette Cubar

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