Lighting a clinic

Level of detail:
3D visualization of a waiting area with timed lighting

The electric team is a company that specializes in the development of lighting systems and lighting scenarios for use in hospitals. For presentations and other marketing channels, the company needs various visualizations for the areas of “single room/ intensive care unit”, “twin room/ children's ward”, “waiting area” and “corridor/base”.

We were commissioned to realistically represent the interiors of the clinic and to integrate the client's lighting scenes accordingly. We received a rough plan with the appropriate ideas and ideas. In the course of processing, the rooms were worked out down to the last detail together with the client and the lighting scenes were coordinated.

The focus was on a specially developed light ceiling system above the patient bed and a headwall behind the bed. In the visualizations The lighting scenes should be displayed at different times of day in order to achieve the most realistic possible representation of the interior spaces.

The use of modern 3D rendering technologies enables a realistic representation of the light scenes. The light is scattered through the rooms in order to realistically represent the atmosphere and the effect of light in the interior spaces.

Our goal was to create an appealing and realistic presentation of interiors that would help the electrical team's customer successfully market their lighting systems and lighting scenes. The visualizations should help customers present their products and services in an appealing way and attract the attention of potential customers.

In tight cooperation Together with the customer, we developed and adapted the visualizations again and again in order to achieve the highest possible quality and accuracy. We placed particular emphasis on a high level of detail and a realistic presentation of the lighting scenes.

By creating the visualizations, we were able to give the customer a realistic idea of the interiors and lighting scenes before they were actually implemented. This enabled the customer to make changes and adjustments before the actual implementation began.

Overall, we were proud to work with the electrical team and create the visualization of the clinic's interiors. Our work has helped to successfully market the customer's products and services and attract the attention of potential customers.

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