Classic sideboard

Level of detail:
Sideboard with coloured front

Under the spell of wood: Authenticity and charm

Objective of this 3D visualization project is to represent a modern and versatile sideboard with differently painted wooden fronts and natural elements. The main focus is on depicting the wood texture as realistically as possible in order to give the piece of furniture a particularly authentic effect.

Sideboard mit Farbiger Front

Magical perspectives: virtual magic of colors and materials

To achieve this goal, 3D software is used, which makes it possible to view the sideboard from different angles and to change the colors and materials in real time. In this way, various color and material combinations can be tried out and visualized. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that the various types of wood and surface conditions, such as grains or cracks, are presented as realistically as possible.

Sideboard mit Farbiger Front

A game of colors: children's dreams and versatility

In order to make the sideboard attractive for children as well, various color and material combinations created. For example, strong colors such as yellow, blue or green are combined with wood or metal elements. This demonstrates the versatility of the product and shows that the sideboard can be used not only as a classic piece of furniture in the living room, but also as storage furniture in the children's room or as an office organizer in the study.

Sideboard mit Farbiger Front

Digital journey into the furniture sector: presentation and impression

The finished 3D model of the sideboard can then be exported in various formats, for example on the manufacturer's website or in online stores to present. The model can also be used in printed form, for example as a flyer or brochure, to give potential customers a realistic impression of the product.

Sideboard mit Farbiger Front

The essence of beauty: realism and uses

Overall, the aim of this 3D visualization project is to display a modern sideboard with natural and colorful elements as realistically as possible in order to give potential customers an optimal impression of the product. Particular emphasis is placed on an authentic wood texture, realistic lighting and the demonstration of the wide range of possible uses.

Sideboard mit Farbiger Front

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