Why should I use 3D assets and what is that actually?

3D rendering, 3D visualization, 3D animation and 3D architectural visualization...

... are techniques that are used in many areas of media production. They make it possible to create realistic, three-dimensional images and animations based on computer-generated data.

Applications of 3D rendering and visualization are diverse.

In architecture, for example, they are used to plan and present buildings. By being able to view the building from different perspectives and simulate its appearance in various scenarios, architects can better illustrate their ideas and give customers an impression of the planned building.

3D Rendering eines Wohnzimmers

3D visualizations are also very helpful in product design.

They make it possible to change the look and function of a 3D product to simulate before it is built in the real world. This saves time and money, as errors can be identified and corrected at an early stage.

3D Visualisierung eines Büros

In landscape architecture, come 3D visualizations also used to plan and present the design of green spaces and public spaces. 3D visualizations are also used in industrial design to plan and simulate machines and systems.

In addition to pure visualization, 3D techniques can also be used to create photorealistic images and animations. These are particularly suitable for advertising material and marketing materials, as they convey a realistic idea of a product or service.

Wohnanlage 3D Rendering

Overall offer 3D rendering, visualization and animation many ways to implement and illustrate ideas and concepts in media production.

They have become essential in many areas, such as architecture, product design, landscape architecture, industrial design, and graphic design, and help to simplify and improve the planning and presentation of projects.

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