Why lighting design is playing an increasingly important role

lighting design

Learn more about the synergy of light and space in sophisticated lighting concepts.

Homage to light — why lighting design is playing an increasingly important role

Die architecture Lives from light: As an essential design element, it is inextricably linked to it. It's not just impressive Baroque facades that benefit from the right lighting — whether shop construction or private living, light has long been the secret main player in the interior. That is why inspiring room concepts always require inspiring lighting concepts.


The plasticity of architecture is shaped by light. It creates an interplay between materials, structures and surfaces — it skilfully highlights architectural features. Countless examples show that light was recognized as an essential element of architecture even in ancient times. Even today, this has not changed, but the opposite is the case: lighting as an element of interior design is becoming more and more important. In shop construction, in public buildings or in private living areas — light in the room is an important part of our daily lives. Lighting design deals with design aspects as a key point. Both daylight and artificial lighting play a decisive role.

3D Visualisierung einer Hotelbar
Lighting design in room concept, lighting design is playing an increasingly important role in interior design

Eye-catching lighting design — or the synergy of light and space

Light shapes buildings and brings spaces to life. But you can also exert direct influence on the light through space — with openings or openings. When you talk about light in a room, you are also talking about synergy — the big picture only works if both factors are coordinated.

Changing room concepts with light

With well-thought-out lighting, objects or parts of buildings can be accentuated and the background can be set. Accent and presentation lighting is therefore often used in shop construction and catering. Here, light serves as an effective means of creating atmospheres. However, it not only sets the scene, but also has an influence on how guests and shoppers feel. It's no secret that light also has an impact on our wellbeing and health. Sophisticated lighting design is therefore becoming increasingly important in private living. This is also due to the fact that modern living is increasingly characterized by open room concepts. Living areas merge spatially, but should still be visually separated and give residents a feeling of comfort. With the right lighting, the various living areas can be bathed in the right light: A brightly lit kitchen island therefore easily exists in the same room as the discreetly illuminated sitting area in the living room. But it is not only aesthetic aspects that play a role in lighting design. The lighting of rooms can also be a decisive factor when it comes to energy-optimized construction or can also be used for safety and orientation. It can be used specifically for usage-oriented zoning.

3D Visualisierung einer Hotelbar
Rendering of a Hotel Restaurant with Focus on the Lighting Design

For an optimal lighting design, the following points should be included in the planning:

  • Day-specific requirements can be met by using warm, cold or neutral light and should therefore be included in the planning
  • The energy efficiency of a building can be optimised with a well-thought-out lighting concept. It is therefore essential that energy weaknesses be identified and taken into account beforehand
  • In public buildings in particular, fire regulations must be included in the lighting presentation
  • When planning, you should always consider which existing surfaces could reflect annoying glare
  • Occupational safety requirements should be considered and planned from the outset when planning the lighting of workplaces
  • Usage-oriented zoning can positively influence adverse room conditions
  • Aspects of profitability and sustainability must also be considered
  • The lighting effect, which includes light intensity, light distribution and light colors, must be considered in good time

The light in the room should therefore also be included in every planning phase. Visualizing lighting scenarios in 3D makes it possible to test the lighting effect here. Compliance with existing standards is also ensured by a 3D visualization simply possible. In this way, surprises can be avoided in advance.

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