Preparation of a 3D visualization project

A perfect 3D visualization project process always looks impressive. How to optimize project management or project allocation in five easy steps — and what you need for the best visualization output.

Innenraumvisualisierung eines Wohnzimmers
Interior visualization of a living room

Preparation makes the difference — In 5 steps to properly organize a 3D rendering architecture project

The first destination for contemporary 3D rendering architecture projects means: to convey a realistic and unique story. Development works when all necessary parts fit together. As soon as the architect's idea is ready, the right approach to project development is often underestimated as banality. In doing so, it can significantly improve your overall success. Because: A perfected project process always looks impressive. How to optimize your organization in five easy steps — and what you need for your best output.

1. Architectural plans

The first step to implementing your idea is to create architectural plans for all other project participants. These serve as a basis for communication and presentation of your idea to the customer and all project participants. Be aware of what you want to show as a 3D visualization. The interior or exterior of a building? It is then necessary to make designs, designs and drawings visible: CAD software is the best way to visually represent architectural plans. By the way: Visual representations serve as a means of graphical reference. The 3D tool gives your client the opportunity to look at the project from all perspectives. This leads directly to step two.

2. Set expectations

It boils down to three things — following your ambitions, meeting the client's wishes, or making potential buyers/tenants feel right. Put yourself in the client or the buyer/tenant — empathy is an efficient way to set the right expectations. What do you want to achieve with the project yourself? References and market presence or functional compliance with regulatory requirements? When it comes to more than meeting regulatory requirements, the high-end version is essential for success. 3D visualizations are the most important marketing tool and should therefore not be skimped on professional presentation.

3D Visualisierung eines Büros
3D visualization of an office

3rd camera position

Customers love 3D renderings from different angles, because with alternating perspectives, they actually get an all-round view. 3D rendering agencies also ask for the desired perspectives during initial planning. Your 3D rendering project isn't just about an isolated object that you imagine. The environment, the life around it, also plays an important role. Therefore, the more angles you include, the better. So think about which camera angles you should include in your project or what you think is important to be presented. You can make the final selection together with the 3D agency. This implies the next necessary organizational step.

4. Interior design and landscape architecture

Create the right environment: The process of a 3D rendering architecture project also includes the consideration of whether you would like to hire additional staff — such as interior and landscape architects. This question is often discussed/debated at the start of a project and experts are called in when necessary. Interior designers guarantee a suitable interior design that completes the image that your buyers have in mind. Interior design is about the style you want to create and convey. It is important to ask which clientele you would like to address and the establishment should be based on this. Landscape architects in turn take care of the outdoor areas. No matter how beautiful the architecture may be, if it is not embedded in a suitable environment, it does not create the desired atmosphere. The environment gives the 3D rendering a certain flair. 3D agencies often also offer the services for set-up and open space planning — this minimizes your costs. In close coordination with the agency, you can therefore create the right atmosphere, whether inside or outside.

5. Scheduling

Minimize sources of error and take the pressure off: Organize your 3D rendering project specifically by setting a reasonable time frame — without creating much time pressure. Meet deadlines that allow you to get everything done cleanly. Good 3D agencies have the appropriate expertise and project execution according to internal process criteria, so that you are given an exact delivery date in accordance with your requirements. The delivery date depends on the specifications, requirements, capabilities, technology used and the overall scope of the project. Changes to the architecture, set-up, or other changes during the creation of the 3D visualization should be notified to the executing agency at an early stage. Depending on the degree of change requests, this may result in additional costs or the delivery date may be postponed.

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