Goodbye pen and paper — what modern architecture looks like

... and why architects benefit from 3D visualization

Since the 2000s, the “digital lifestyle” has been conquering the globe, living rooms and, of course, the business world. The digitized world has immense advantages: Great cost savings and fast communication, just to name the most important ones.

Take advantage of digitization

The architecture sector should make even more use of this modernist achievement to present customers with a realistic and vivid picture of a building project.

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With 3D visualizations, also known as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), i.e. realistic digitally created graphics of objects, customers see the end result before it is even put into practice. Unlike inanimate drawings and plans, which are usually only understood by experts, they create real images in the mind. It's time to be inspired.

Not a trend, but a commandment

Professional 3D visualization is not a trend, but a necessity and is a requirement in the high-end architecture industry today. Thanks to new techniques and advanced software, architects and interior designers can completely switch to 3D design. Pen and paper have been digitized.

Visualizations in the three-dimensional interior design industry include 3D renderings, visualizations, graphics and computer-generated photos. The technology offers a variety of advantages: above all, realistic and likely implementation of the content.

3D Visualisierung eines Wohnkomplexes
Bird's-eye view of a residential complex in Germany

On to the next level

The rapid progress in 3D design also seems to have its crux. Architects can create fascinating experiences and share them on various channels, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). However, until this art is learned, it takes months to years to perfect the visualization techniques and integrate them into the workflow.

Benefits of 3D visuals:

Easy recording of errors and adding changes

The design is followed by detailed work and coordination with customers. It rarely happens that a draft is adopted during the first presentation. In most cases, requests for changes are still made. As a 3D architect, this additional work is child's play.

When you show complex renderings from multiple angles to highlight all important modules, it's easier to pinpoint sources of error. Even better: 3D rendering walkthroughs. It gives the viewer a natural perspective and allows them to find discrepancies.

Investing in the future

Die 3D visualization is a modern method that is becoming increasingly established and consolidated in the architecture industry. The technology, with its far-reaching possibilities, is just the beginning of its development. The history of 3D visualization is still young. Because the start of this development only began with the innovation of web technologies.

Investing in tools that, unlike 3D visualization, will soon be obsolete is a poorly invested money. On the other hand, it is much more interesting to focus on the future of technology, such as virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality helps designers take their customers on a realistic tour and experience the newfangled design concept. VR can be useful in the course of projects if the designer needs to create a completely new rendering.

Realism impresses

3D interior design is art. Solutions must be as realistic as they are credible. 3D visualizations create an environment in which people spend most of their lives, whether it's a business office or a home.

To generate realistic renderings, polygonal product models are needed that represent highly detailed objects. It is also important to use high-quality textures and materials. Realistic renderings focus on shadows, light, and reflections.

3D Visualisierung eines Wohn- und Essbereichs
Interior visualization of a living and dining area

Persuasive marketing

The use of a building tour, a 360° walking tour or renderings with various lighting systems can be decisive for a successful marketing strategy. Photos in a blog post are also extremely useful. Photos in manufactured products make your work more appealing, making it easier to imagine.

Using the latest web technologies, walkthroughs can be embedded on the website and are therefore accessible to guests.

In order to establish digital reach, renderings are used in social media channels. To give a few specific examples: Through renderings, you encourage participation in online competitions or you use the 3D graphics for online advertising campaigns.

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